torsdag, april 21, 2011

Go green

What do people think of Earth Day, now that it's been a yearly ritual all over the world? Living in an environment-conscious country, when I go to a local fast food chain MAXI, I'm reminded by the burger menu how much CO2 emission would be associated with each meal. I think it's a better call this way than putting forward all the PR-stuffs and diverting the attention from the environment impact of their core product, which is food. On the other hand, isn't the fact that, in term of the amount of greenhouse gases caused by its production, meat ranks the worst offender in all types of food, posing an inherent challenge to a burger restaurant, just like forcing the Tobacco companies to add a health hazard note to each cigarette pack sold would do?

Also, remember the Earth Hour? In 2009 the dairy maker Arla had started a public campaign in which their milk packages were painted all black to raise the awareness of the EH message that lights be switched off for one hour on the event day. What I found interesting was what happened after the campaign just ended, and here's one visual testimony in a grocery store the day after:

I'm supporting all the green initiatives, just people need to understand it's not about merely wearing politically correct tags and feeling good but our everyday lifestyle that can make a real difference to tackle the environmental challenges the world is facing. Like now, in springtime, I believe every day is an Earth Day, and everyone can be a TreeHugger. These are my Easter prayers.

P.S. In case you'll take a ride when visiting Stockholm in the summer, aside from taking more rented bikes for transportation, you may wish to try the Eco "Car" that has been introduced to the Swedish capital:

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