tisdag, augusti 22, 2006

Reclaim the streets

Reclaim the Streets (RTS) is a term used to denote a type of political action. According to Wikipedia online, it began "in the United Kingdom in the 1990s and the idea was quickly taken up as a form of protest around the world."

Actually they call it a street party. Some others phrase this festival as an outside-of-parliament session of the Invisible Party (Osynliga Partiet), a leftist youth movement, which is said to enjoy no conventional organization. Yet members have been called up via blogging or mobile phones to start a new type of class struggle, right at the heart of the city.

This is what I witnessed in the streets of Stockholm in Sweden on the first of May, 2006. Rather a festive mood all around. Only the next day after I read the local newspaper did I know that a riot broke out somewhere else and around 130-140 persons were in police custody consequently. Two of them later were formally charged.

That the left lost in the Swedish general election of this year after having governed the country for a long period was a fairly recent event.

Hélène Grimaud 音樂會

Hélène Grimaud除了是鋼琴大師, 另有特別處:

1. 她給Vogue做過模特。

2. 她養狼, 對, 你沒有看錯, 她家的寵物是... 狼。

3. 她去年出版的書"Leçons Particulières" 裡談音樂感受居然引出我們的《列子.湯問》


Le vrai classique du vide parfait, Lie Tseu

«Ce n'est pas à bien pincer les cordes, ni à obtenir de beaux sons. Ce que je cherche, je ne l'ai pas encore trouvé dans mon cœur. Comment l'instrument pourrait-il me répondre à l'extérieur?»

4. 據說, 她還是聯覺人。 能感受音樂中色彩。 聯覺(synaesthesia)乃跨越感官的能力, “統計上來講,平均兩千人之中才有一個具有如此這般在不同的神經感覺之中出現交錯現象的人。”

5. 好象還有, 想起來再補充。